Bali, August 2008
Jeff Christianto of Asia Line Indonesia, and also Bali Creative Community activist attending SYDNEY DESIGN 08. 12th INTERNATIONAL DESIGN FESTIVAL held 8-24 August. Sydney Design 08 is Sydney’s annual festival of design, presented by the Powerhouse Museum We can find out what design means to us through a 17-day program encompassing exhibitions and events at the Museum and satellite venues all over Sydney. Highlights this year include a series of special night openings to ignite the spirit of modernism and complement the new exhibition Modern times: the untold story of modernism in Australia.

Jeff’s works of craft design selected to showcase in Designboom Mart, a program in the festival- an international market that brings designers from around the globe to discuss and sell their wares. Beside that, he also on duty to study the festival and meet some designers to participate in Bali Creative Power, an event organized by Bali Creative Community held in Bali November 2008.

12th international design festival sydney, powerhouse museum, 14 -17 august, 2008

idea, exhibition design by birgit lohmann and massimo mini/designboom.
(you can see all of our previous mart exhibitions here)

bring a designsouvenir™ back from sydney!
as part of the cultural program of the 12th international design festival sydney (8-24, august, 2008),
designboom hosted a group exhibition of international design professionals from around the world.
the designboom mart took place at the city’s powerhouse museum from 14 -17 august, 2008.

for the first time in australia, designboom will provided an unprecedented opportunity to meet the young
avant-garde and become familiar with their work. visitors were able to buy designsouvenirs™ and limited
edition pieces directly from the designers themselves. all items were priced from 10 AUD – 100 AUD.

from metal to ceramics, glass to fabrics, to recycled materials, with close to 100 beautiful objects on sale
the mart achieved a good compromise between creativity and production. in this initiative, the designers
personally presented their wares, along with, various samples and a portfolio.
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