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Bali Creative Community Present “Evening With Designers” Saturday 29 November 2008. 5.30 pm. Sanur Paradise Plaza. Featuring World’s Most Outstanding Graphic Designer Stefan Sagmeister. Now in Bali for 1 year self-project. Presenting his latest works on a book: “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”

Astonishingly, Stefan Sagmeister has only learned twenty or so things in his life so far. But he did manage to publish these personal maxims all over the world, in spaces normally occupied by advertisements and promotions: as billboards, projections, light-boxes, magazine spreads, annual report covers, fashion brochures, and, recently, as giant inflatable monkeys. In this presentation Sagmeister throws his diary, a lot of design, and a little art together with a pinch of psychology and a dash of happiness into a blender and pushes the button. It tastes surprisingly yummy.

To use a word like “legend” in connection with Stefan Sagmeister does not seem too far a stretch. Emily Heyward

STEFAN SAGMEISTER is among today’s most important graphic designers. Design Museum

Soon complete agenda of Bali Creative Power will publish.