Apa Ini, Apa Itu”Klunkung, Bali
December 29 to December 31

Happening Art “Apa Ini, Apa Itu”, Pantai Lepang & Studio Suklu, Klungkung, 29-31 Desember 2009 (24 jam nonstop, dance, music, visual arts, art installation, video art, performance, exhibition) Tisna Sanjaya, Eko Prawoto, Danuta Franzen (polandia); Shooshi Sulaiman (Malaysia); Charlie Croijmans (Belanda), Agung GUnawan, Jasmine Okubo (Jepang); Nyoman Erawan; Wawan Setiawan Husin; Suklu; Daniel Kho; Daniel Zacharias, Sura, Djirna, dkk

Often our first reaction when experiencing art is the question “What is this” or “What is that?” A question stemming from a new experience encountered through a vision outside our personal realm, a question to stimulate our intellect and our psyche.

Apa Ini Apa Itu” is the root question of life; from the beginning to the end of our life, throughout all our experiences, in art, in learning, in being, in seeing, in hearing, in feeling. Our question is always ‘what is this, what is that?’

The aim of Djagad Art House, through the first event in Klunkung, is to invoke this basic question, the root of our being. We raise the question but allow the viewers, the ones who experience the art form, to find the answers for themselves. Just as in life our questions can be answered only through our personal experiences which allow us to progress as sentient beings.  So at this exhibition we hope to move the viewers to progress in their understanding and view of the meaning and representation of creativity and art.

Our site in Klungkung, selected with the division created by the ByPass Road in mind, represents the two bodies ever present in life; the spiritual and the physical-Rohani and Jasmani.  The end of the year is the perfect exploration point for the questions of “what is this, what is that.” A time when introspection is customary, we hope our posed questions are carried with the viewers into the new year to set the tone for each individual to contemplate the answers to the topics encountered at the event.

Over the period of three days (based on the three elements; earth, air, and water), the event is envisioned as a twenty-four hour event. Constant documentation and uploads to our website will allow viewers to experience the artistic energy in the rice fields and on the beach of Klungkung. With this in mind artists are encouraged to schedule installation, performance and interactive pieces throughout the twenty four hour period.

The event will be launched on the 27th of December at two major sites with approximately 25 invited artists from both Indonesia and abroad. All types of media are welcomed with the outdoor venue in mind. Installation, sculpture, performance and interactive exhibits along with music and dance are some of the scheduled contributors.

More than an exhibition this is an event, a happening focused on creativity for creativity’s sake. The founders of the event, Daniel Kho, Wayan Sujana (Suklu), and Wayan Sudiarta state that “All art is legitimate creativity” and “All creative ideas are legitimate.” With this in mind experimentation that challenges personal creativity to push the boundaries of recognized ‘art’ is the driving force of the event.

Djagad Art House’s choice of Klungkung is based on two trains of thought related to the position of Klungkung and Gianyar in modern and historical terms.

Historically Klunkung was the center of Classical Balinese painting but with the progression of painting and art movements, Klungkung lost this distinction as Ubud and other areas became more prominent. The site choice was made in part to honor this history as well as to bring art and creative life to Klungkung.

Klungkung, and Gianyar, gained modern importance as development increased on the island of Bali. This area of Bali is the largest producer of sand and raw building materials that supports the entire development of the rest of the island. In this regards the founding members want to highlight Klungkung’s important role in the modern development of Bali.

Djagad Art House’s choice to hold our event outside the usual venues and areas is also to highlight not only Klungkungs forgotten role in modern and historical times but also to launch the idea behind Djagad Art House that the boundaries of art and creativity extend beyond the customary definition of art and venues to view art.

Daniel Le Clarie (Art Director)

Tuesday December 29, Vernissage on the Beach

  1. 16:00 Welcoming Speech by Daniel LeClaire, Art Director Djagad Art House
  2. 16:10 Welcoming Speech by Bpk Wayan Candra, Regent of Klungkung
  3. 16:20 Festival Opening by Klunkung sand miner Bpk I Nyoman Artawan
  4. 16.30 Contemporary Bale Ganjur Orchestra Procession from the Beach to Kubu
  5. 17.30 Tisna Sanjaya will unearth Artworks buried during the Sanur Village Festival and bring them to Kubu
  6. 18.00 Performance, 53,5 Hours of  Watching You, Weldo Wnophringgo will enter Kubu house for the duration of the festival (Conceptualized by Daniel Kho and Suklu)
  7. 19.00 Contemporary Bale Ganjur Orchestra Procession from Kubu to the Beach
  8. 20.30 Performance Srimimpi in Wonderland, Agung Gunawan and Deasylinada Ary at the Beach
  9. 21.30 Contemporary Music Performance,Wayan Pacet at the Beach
  10. 22.30 Contemporary Music Performance, Cedil at the Beach
  11. 22.30 Open Performance ‘Silence’ at Kubu and the Beach

Wednesday December 30, Midissage at Kubu and the Beach

  1. 00.00-24.00 Performance Watching You,Weldo Wnophringgo at Kubu
  2. 01.00  Performance, Wayan Sudiarta at Kubu
  3. 02.00 Performance, Wawan Setiawan Husin responds to Weldo Wnophringgo at Kubu
  4. 03.00–06.00 Open Performance ‘Tranquil’ at the Beach
  5. 06.00 Performance Kokok Ayam, Wayan Sudiarta at the Beach
  6. 07.00 Performace of mutual response by Agung Gunawan,Wawan S Husin and Wayan Sudiarta at the Beach
  7. 08.00 Diah and Jasmiene Okubo respond to Suklu’s Artwork at Kubu
  8. 09.00-15.00 Open Performance at Kubu
  9. 14.00 Performance Ini Ngremo, Deasylinada Ary at the Beach
  10. 14.30 Performance, Nyoman Sure at the Beach
  11. 15.00 Performance, Putu Satria Kusuma at the Beach
  12. 16.00 Performance, I Gede Surya Darma at the Beach
  13. 17.00 Diah and Jasmiene Okubo respond to Eko Porwoto’s Artwork at the Beach
  14. 18.30 Performance Symphony Senja, Agung Gunawan at the Beach
  15. 19.00 Music Peformance, Contemporary Gentong, Wayan Pacet at the Beach
  16. 20.00 Light Painting Performance, Daniel Zacharias at the Beach
  17. 20.30 Performance Nyoman Sura at the Beach
  18. 21.00 Music Performance, Ngurah Rai Mahardika at the Beach
  19. 22.00 Performance, Putu Satria Kusuma at the Beach
  20. 22.30 Contemporary Music Performance, Cedil at the Beach
  21. 22.30-24.00 Open Performance and Music at the Beach

Thursday December 31, Finissage at the Beach

  1. 00.00-23.30 Performance Watching You,Weldo Wnophringgo at Kubu
  2. 01.00-05.00 Open Performance ‘Stillness’ at Kubu
  3. 06.00 Performance Kokok Ayam, Wayan Sudiarta at Kubu
  4. 07.00 Performance ‘Words’, Putu Satria Kesuma at Kubu
  5. 08.00 Performance Ini Ngremo,Deasylinada Ary at Kubu
  6. 09.00-15.00 Open Performance at the Beach
  7. 10.00-18.00 Open Installation using Tires at the Beach
  8. 15.00 Performance ‘Words’,Putu Satria Kesuma at the Beach
  9. 17.00 Performance Sympony Senja,Agung Gunawan at the Beach
  10. 17.30 Contemporary Music Performance, Cedil at the Beach
  11. 18.00 Performance,Wawan Setiawan Husin  at the Beach
  12. 19.00 Contempory Bale Ganjur Orchestra at the Beach
  13. 20.00 Performance Srimimpi in Wonderland,Agung Gunawan and Daniel Kho  at the Beach
  14. 21.00 Music Performance, Ngurah Rai Mahardika at the Beach
  15. 21.20 Performance Melangkoli, Agung Gunawan at the Beach
  16. 21.30-23.30 Music Performance 100 Jembe at the Beach
  17. 23:30 Performance Tisna Sanjaya Funeral March of Artworks accompanied by Weldo Wnophringgo leaving the Kubu house and the Bale Ganjur Orchestra from Kubu to the Beach
  18. 24.00 Performance Nyoman Erawan responds to Tisna Sanjaya’s Artwork at the Beach
  19. 00.30-Onwards Open Performance and Music at the Beach

Djagad Art House – Team

Daniel Kho (Initiator, Conceptor, Founder)
Daniel LeClaire (Art Director)
Daniel Zacharias (Founder)
Suklu (Founder)
Wayan Sudiarta (Founder)