One-Day Conference & Three-Day Expert Workshops, 24-27 May 2010 in Bali:
Meeting the Challenges of Packaging Today & Tomorrow
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Dear Participants,
We would like to inform you that Indonesian Packaging Federation and Packweb Asia will conduct a one-day Conference and three-day Expert Workshops on 24-27 May 2010 in Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur – Bali:

1. Conference: “Meeting the Challenges of Packaging Today & Tomorrow” (24 May 2010)
– Impact of Sustainability on the Packaging Industry-Environment, Legislation & Compliance – Stuart Hoggard
– Cost Optimization in the Packaging Supply-Chain – Simon Fisher
– Sustainable and Safe Packaging – Kandarp Singh, Tetra Pak Cluster South & Southeast Asia
– Environmental Awareness of Greener Packaging Options – Robert Bobroff, D2W
– Implementing Sustainability Through the Right Packaging Decisions – Juil Cha, Dupont

Who should attend
: Brand Owners, Packaging Manufacturers, Factory Managers, Packaging
Developments/Specialists, Procurement & Marketing
Fee: Rp 1.500.000/person (Indonesian participant) or USD 200 (Overseas participant)

2.   2.1 Packaging Workshop A
Trainer: Stuart Hoggard

Session A.1: Packaging Cost Reduction & Sustainability (2 days: 25-26 May 2010)
Objectives: To provide a Management System to implement a Design for Environment programme of cost and
waste savings. Participants will be equipped with tools that can be adapted into their corporate culture
of packaging requisitioning & production.
Who Should Attend:
Executive Management level, CSR & Compliance Officers, HR Executives at both Brand
Owner & Packaging Manufacturer looking to implement Sustainable Best Practices
Fee: Rp 3.750.000/person or USD 450 (Overseas participant)

Session A.2: Design for Environment (27 May 2010)
Objectives: To provide an introduction to techniques to make packaging more acceptable to new growing market
groups: the elderly, disabled or young. Participants will have an understanding of the difficulties
Packaging presents to these new consumer segments and how to integrate solutions
Who Should Attend:
Packaging Brand Managers, Technologists and Packaging Development/Specialist.
Fee: Rp 2.500.000/person or USD 300 (Overseas participant)

2.2. Packaging Workshop B

Trainer: Simon Fisher

Session B.1: Commercial Control of the Packaging Supply Chain (2 days: 25-26 May 2010)

Objectives: To give the Participants a view of the many areas where costs can be controlled in the packaging
supply chain, and techniques to help them do it. Participants will have a full understanding of the
Commercial influences bearing on the Supply Chain, and will be fully conversant with the role of the
packaging buyer.
Who Should Attend:
Packaging personnel who will influence the commercial arrangements of supply, ie Buying,
Development Quality, Planning Factory and Distribution
Fee: Rp 3.750.000/person or USD 450 (Overseas participant)

Session B.2: How MNCs buy Packaging (27 May 2010)
Objectives: To give an understanding of how decisions are made within MNCʼs . To learn buyers likes and
dislikes. Matching your product against the competition and MNC requirements. Participants will get a
full understanding of the Buying Process within an MNC. How to ensure quotes are well presented, and
how to avoid common pitfalls.
Who Should Attend:
Packaging Supplier Marketing, Production & Packaging Development/Specialist with regular
Customer Contact
Fee: Rp 2.500.000/person or USD 300 (Overseas participant)

3. Attending 3 days workshop, fee Rp 5.000.000/person or USD 600 (saved money 20%)

4. Additional recreational programs:
– Green Tour
– Golf
– Submarine Tour / Underwater Tour
– Other sightseeing activities

Payment details:
PT. Sentra Info Pack
Bank Mandiri, Aminta Plaza Branch, Jakarta
AC. 101-000-6015-703

For more information see our flyer attached or contact:
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